Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tower of Junk 100th Follower Giveaway!

My creativity has not been at its peak during the last week or so.
Did I tell you I completed my grad school application?
And I got chosen for an interview?
I have been so nervous about my graduate school interview, that its all I can think about! I've been online searching possible interview questions and trying to prepare my answers.
So, I've been at a loss for my giveaway.
Until earlier today when I was thrifting and found more papier-mache boxes!
I found a set of FIVE nesting boxes.
I am going to paint, mod podge, and embelish the heck out of them with girly vintage-ness and send them to one lucky blog reader!
I will also fill them with vintage sheet music, buttons, vintage sparkly jewelry, antique lace, ric-rac, and other fun items to create with.
The one pictured above is one I made for my Valentine Swap, but I can easily make it again!
So here's how you enter:
1 for your comment below
1 for sharing this giveaway on your blog with a link (comment again)
1 for tweeting or sharing it on Facebook (comment once again so I can assign numbers to entries).
Anyone is welcome to enter. I'll ship this anywhere (including internationally) or if the lucky winner is local, you can pick it up at my shop. So enter as many times as you can. I will end this giveaway on March 6th (about a week away)
at 11:59 MST.
Good Luck and thanks for reading my blog!

*please leave an email address if you don't have your own blog so I can contact you when you win!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Wow, I just noticed that we have 100 followers!
I have had giveaways before, but they have mostly been gift certificates and such for people who shop at my brick and mortar shop.

I'm going to plan a giveaway (will post tomorrow or Wednesday) that will include all of the followers who might not be able to shop at Abigail's.

Thanks everyone for your support, kind words, and friendship!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1926 Fancy Laundry Bag Lady

The doll stamp I bought yesterday reminded me of one of my summer junkin' finds that has been stashed in my pile of things to do. The idea is pretty much the same. Embroidered face, sewn clothes. Only this cute little vintage kit (it was made in 1926) becomes a laundry bag. The kit even included hair! It was half finished when I found her.
Some of my ideas for this kit:
High resolution scan the image on the front to make cupcake toppers, use for cards, altered art, or other projects.
Wouldn't she be cute atop a pink frosted cupcake??
Sorry my pictures are so blurry! It was the best I could do today.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Frozen Charlotte Love

I ordered this stamp yesterday. If you order the stamp, you get a free tutorial on how to make the doll.
Check out this shop to order!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Amour Valentine's Swap Reveal!

I participated in a Valentine's Swap.
I had so much fun doing this, it was like Christmas in February!
Extra special thanks to my generous swap partner Sue at Suzeeez!

Please visit her blog to find out what I sent her!
The inside lid was decorated so cute!

Everything inside was wrapped so cute!

My gifts included: Gift box, valentine's confetti, heart sprinkles, fuzzy heart pens, heart measuring spoons, valentines ornaments, pink napkins, 2 bags of chocolates, cupcake papers, decorative paper flowers, red and white mirror compact, and cute little card!

Thanks so much, I'm glad I participated!
Here are the boxes I sent Sue:
Here's a list of other participants:
Sheila - Faded But Desired Treasures

Melissa - Piney Rose
Janet - Janets Creative Pillows
Debbi - The Wicker Patio
Deborah - Debs Vintage Soul
Trisha - The Brantingham Family
Vera - Olivia Paiges
Gail - The Sassy Beach
Rhea - Sweet n Shabby Roses
Sandy - Hobbnobbers
Sarah - My So Called Junky Life
Eleanor - A Bit of Pink Heaven
Jenny - Fated Follies
Linda - Country Pickins
Joyce - Scrap for Joy
Julie Ann - Kitchen Floor Creations
Stephanie - Rose Petals and Rust
Carol - Songberries
Terri - The Glittered Nest
Lisa - Lisas Craft Boutique
Chastity - One Womens Haven
Cindy - Angel Heart Designs
Tracey - Magical Kardz
Mary - Vintage Patina
Jacalyn - RME Bath Products
Mary Jo - Creative Vintage Cottage
Lisa - Pupylov
Lori - Ruffles Ribbons and Roses
Valarie - Glittery Daze and Nights
Karen - Secondhand Rose
Jayme - Flaming Biscuits On The Farm
Elyse - Tinkered Treasures
Lisa - Pale Pink and Roses
Shannon - Shabby Shans Cottage
Vivian - Vivs Whimsy
Kathy - Lil Bit Old Lil Bit New
Stephanie - Crowns and Pearls
 Nancy - Coeur d'Alene Gifts
Karen - My Desert Cottage
Tammy - One Frustrated Momma
Ramona - Samuels Family Frenzy
Cathy - Treasured Heirlooms
Pam - Treasures-N-Textures
Sherry - Sherrys Rose Cottage
Laurie - Mermaid Treasures Art
Sue - Suzeeez
Andrea - Vintage Bella Studio
Hannah - Ashmore Family
Meg - Vintage Garden Home
Nancy - Its Raining Pearls
Josette - My Grammas Soul
Angela - Henny Penny and Chickies
Melissa - Abigails Pocatello
Cassandra - My Artful Adventures
Renee - Vintage Recreations
Lorena - Rose Chic Friends
Amy - Paper Trails Leaver
Stevie - My Art Canvas
Jennifer - Jennifers Petal Palace
Shirl - Shirls Rose Cottage
Lulu - Coastal Sisters News
Jill - Jill Sibbald
Crystal - The Hummingbird Cottage
Hayley - Nesting Notions
Nicole - Gibbys Girl
Bryanna -The Canarys Cupcake

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pick 3, Spend 50, Save Your Local Economy

I've had the button on my sidebar just about since the beginning...
I really believe in this project.
So, I've decided to document my OWN efforts with this project in hopes of inspiring someone who might be reading this blog. (This project requires mostly shopping, so how could I not participate?)
If you don't know about the 3/50 project, let me explain:
What 3 independently owned businesses would you miss if they disappeared?
Stop in. Say hello.
Pick up something that brings you a smile.
Your purchases are what keeps those businesses around.
If just half of the employed population spent $50 each month in locally owned independent businesses, it would generate more than $42.6 billion in revenue.

If you're not sure what an independent business is, click here for more info.
Basically, it is a business that's owned locally without a big "name brand".

So about once a month, I would like to record my 3/50 shopping on this blog.

It doesn't have to be retail stores. It can be restaurants, dry cleaners, coffee shops, movie theatres, etc.

As I'm writing this, I can't help but think of some of my favorite places that have disappeared. I just heard, this week, that one of my favorite tiny gift/floral shops The Wild Violet is closing. I stopped by and everything was on sale, and the store was near empty.

*The $50 is TOTAL, NOT $50 at each business.
*And just for the record, this project doesn't recommend that you NEVER shop at big name stores.
It simply suggests that you keep the little guys in mind!

So here's what I found for February! I had so much fun!

My first stop was to Her Alibi Antiques
I found this cool cupboard in their bargain for dirt cheap. It has possibilities, can you see them?

Then I went to lunch with my friend to our favorite spot, Bouillon Soup.
I LOVE their turkey sandwich on focaccia bread, my friend orders Hungarian Mushroom Soup.
Last, I went to Scrapin' Fanatics to get paper for my Valentine's Fortune Cookies.

So, I spent more than $50. But I had lots of fun and supported the little guy.

If you have a blog and would like to record your 3/50 efforts, please feel free to join me and I'll add your link to the sidebar.

Vintage Farmhouse Style and Old House Creepiness

On my last buying trip, I had just posted about Pottery Barn's new catalog.
Everything farmhouse seemed to pop out at me!

These are some photos of the displays I have done in the shop with some of these items.
(They are selling quickly, displays always evolving.)

I'm just loving all of these muted tones, galvanized metal, burlap, rust, cream ironstone, and chippy paint.
I wanted to show you these displays before they are all gone!

When I first moved my shop into this old building, this room was a closet.
I don't have any before shots, but I wish I did. There were ugly shelves and a false ceiling. My friend (the amazing and talented Danny Hansen) helped me remove the false ceiling. He was coughing from all the dust, but when the dust cleared and we went back in the room, we noticed something kinda cool and a little creepy.

This room has very high ceilings (once the false ceiling was gone). The wallpaper goes all the way up and is likely original to the house which was built around the turn of the century. It also has an amazing art nouveau style border.
But on the wallpaper, there are children's drawings. It would appear that long ago, a child climbed up above the false ceiling (there was a small opening) and made it their hideaway and drew on the walls.

I kept the wallpaper and drawings on the wall.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Introducing: Six Degrees of Separation Sunday

I love to blog surf.
You know you do it too...

I go check out an interesting looking post, then click a link, then click another until I'm a million miles away.
Often, I'll find yet another great blog I've never seen before and become a follower.

So I thought it would be fun to record my travels through the blogiverse.
Here are my rules: I'll start with a blog I already follow.
After reading a bit, I'll click on a link from that blog.
Then, I'll read some more, then find a link on that blog.
etc. etc. etc.
You get the picture, I'll do it so I can find new blogs to tell about, then post it.
Oh. And I'll leave a comment telling them I posted about them on my blog.
I would love to have you join me!
If you would like to participate, I'll place your link on my sidebar.
Just mention Six Degrees Sunday and link back to me if you can.

So here goes on my first try:
1. I started with the fabulous 52 Flea, because she had the most recent post of the blogs I follow.

2. I clicked and got lucky to find Cheryl Kuhn's Small Stories Studio and my heart skipped a beat.
Oh my goodness, this mixed media artist uses the perfect blend of grunge and old photos:

How did I not know about this blog before? Did you?
why didn't you tell me?

3. I clicked on Roses, Radishes and Rubbish because I liked the sound of it.
Another mixed media artist: Amy Dabbs!
Her little dolls are amazing.
From there I clicked on
4. Cori Dantini Makes because the picture caught my eye.
Wow, She is an illustrator! I'm glad I stopped here.

5. I clicked on Pink Pig Cottage Antiques because I loved the name!
What a fun blog! I especially love their banner.
Oh yeah, I'm definitely following this blog, I like to see what other shops are up to.

6. From there I clicked on "Cottage Charm and Family Inspiration" and found this great tutorial for making these fabric hearts:
See? Wasn't that fun? Hope you decide to try it too!
All photos are credited to their respective blogs.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Heavens to Betsy!

I just finished doing my taxes!
what a relief!
Honestly, after crunching numbers all day, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with all the support our customers have shown us over the past year. I want to say a huge
to everyone who has shopped with us, voiced their support, made us feel *warm and fuzzy* with your kind words and compliments, and have been considered friends this past year.
I have a couple of announcements:

First, I'd like to announce a special Valentine's "thankyou" this weekend!

If you come in the shop, we will have Valentine's SALE Fortunes!

Draw a fortune cookie and get special deals, including gift certificates and up to 20% off your next visit purchases. There's even a couple free tutus in the mix!

Announcement #2: We are planning a super spectacular party/event to celebrate the opening of

Alice in Wonderland
Tim Burton's new movie!

Jessica has been busy planning this fun event.
Stop in the shop to pick up your super-exclusive invitation.
It will be March 5th and 6th 12-6pm.
Please plan to join us for:

Tea and Sweets
Alice Merchandise
Drawings for Giveaways

Jessica, my ultra-talented and highly over-qualified helper, makes Alice Jewelry!
She will be there to showcase her merchandise.
Check out her website here and her Etsy shop here.
P.S. I got the fortune cookie idea here. Click for a step-by-step "How-To." I also used their photo.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Two Mod Cottage Nightstands $38 Each

Two Cream Painted Nightstands.
$38 each
Purple glass knobs (if you want a different color, we can change them!)
Great bedside storage, solid wood!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Newest Time Suck

Has anyone seen "Sqare America"?
Square America is an amazing site with a huge collection of vintage and antique photos.
I am completely fascinated with old photos and this site takes the cake.
I could spend hours browsing here.
If I understand their "terms of use" correctly, you can use their photos as long as you don't do a hotlink back to them.
*Not all sections are appropriate for all viewers, just thought I'd let you know.

Friday, February 5, 2010

I recently got the following email:
(I LOVE this nursery and wanted to share!)

"Im interested in your two pink dressers, what are the dimensions?? also Im looking for the perfect dresser to put in my future nursery (due in may with a baby girl). My crib is my husbands handmedown that im not totally in love with but looks similar to the one in the pic. I love your blog and am hoping you can help me find a dresser similar to this one for a decent price! I live in (south) idaho so i can easily pick up. please help! thanks S.R."
So, I hope I can find something that fits her dream nursery. I have a few things in mind...
We've also had a bunch of young brides seeking that vintage look.
What are you looking for? Send us a comment or email, maybe we can help!
After a little searching, I can credit the photo to
Follow the link to get instructions on recreating this beautiful room!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Tutus Just Arrived!

We just got new tutus in!
This time, I ordered MORE: more sizes, Colors, and varieties.
PriCes range from $4 to $12
We also Carry the adorable CroChet Caps in lots of Colors!

SOLD Two Small Pink Painted 3 Drawer Dressers $52 each

2W There are two of these perfect pink dressers.
3 Drawers, clear glass knobs.
All drawers slide easily.
Measurements are 24 3/4" W x 28 1/4 H x 14" D

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Happy Customer...

I just found the blog of one of our great customers who visits from California. She had so many kind words about our shop and her finds that I just had to share.

Cindy's blog is called Cute Pink Stuff

It seems she was very happy with her mermaid purchase last weekend.

Proud, excited, and a teensy bit jealous...

My sister just opened a candy store!
If you are ever in Tooele, Utah, you have to stop in and check it out.

I'm proud of her because she did it on a budget and didn't go into a huge amount of debt, but it looks absolutely amazing! I'm excited because I haven't seen the final open shop yet! And I'm a teensy bit jealous you have to ask? Geez, it's a candy store! What could be better? She also has a space where she will be hosting birthday parties and other special events.
She's offering Candy Buffets for weddings and other special occasions.

SOLD Romantic Vintage Buttercream 4-Poster Full Size Bed

Romantic Vintage Buttercream 4-Poster Full Size Bed $149
Solid wood, includes rails. Excellent conditon!
UPDATE: This bed is SOLD.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Etsy Vintage Item Featured on Fabulous Blog

It seems our Etsy vintage clothing shop is being noticed all over the place!

We were featured here on this lovely blog.

They did a "Fashion Color Report" for Spring 2010 and included our item!
I have SO MANY great new vintage clothing items and am going to try to get some listed today.
Just a reminder, for you locals, I would love to accomodate trying on and pick-up at the shop. Just convo me through the Etsy site .


Round cottage style Duncan Phyfe Coffee Table $48
Has one drawer with Lion Head pull!
Measurements: 30" Diameter 17" Height
UPDATE: This table is SOLD.
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