Saturday, February 4, 2012

beloved chickens

last spring, I came home with 10 tiny baby chicks
they lived in the garage for a bit, and in the laundry room on cold nights, with a heat lamp

i wasn't sure how many of them would survive
three disappeared one day, but i found one in the bushes in the front yard
then the neighbor kids helped me chase it back in
so we ended up with EIGHT
two Orpington, and six Red Star (I think)

i didn't see one earwig last summer
they eat everything
BUT, they eat everything
so my garden was dug up
baby corn plants, peas, tiny cabbages, and other plants disappeared
oh, and they poop on everything
so i've been working on a design for a new chicken coop

LT wasn't as excited about my plans as I was
"flower pots? really?"
i would like to use mostly salvaged/vintage materials for this chicken coop
a little 6x6 chicken house, with a 6x6 run
compost bins in the front
a nesting box, with rusty corrugated metal roof!, and a place to roost
i feel a little guilty cooping them up, but we can always let them out
when it is safe for our garden

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