Saturday, June 19, 2010

Photo Shoot for my "Pickled Beets" Slip Dresses: SNEEK PEAK

I had a blast going out with Kris Ryan and her gorgeous daughters Allison and Ashley to model and photograph my slip dresses. 
We traveled a little south of Pocatello toward Inkom, where the farms and fields are plentiful.
I brought props from the shop, suitcases, a frame, birdcage, chairs and other vintage goodies, the girls accessorized the slip dresses with jackets, vests, and cowboy boots.
It was so fun to watch Kris work her magic, and the girls play with different poses.
LT and I couldn't help but laugh when we were shooting along the railroad tracks, several distracted drivers came close to swerving off the road. We found a junkyard with an old travel bus with the words "Too Much Fun" on the front.

I can hardly wait to get all of the photos from Kris.
Kris blogged about the shoot here.
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