Monday, May 9, 2011

My Bedroom

Last December, I moved from a teeny, tiny cute little cottage, to a bigger house in a nicer neighborhood.  My kids love it.  We actually have plenty of room for everyone here. Our other house was so small.

With the big increase in space, you would think I'd be having a great time decorating.
Not so.
I haven't even had time to think about it because I've been so busy with grad school.
I have lots of great ideas, tons of things to decorate with (hello. I have a store, right?)

So, I want to spend some time working on it this summer :)
My bedroom is a good size. I have some basic furniture that I've painted.
I like to keep it neutral because I find shades of white relaxing.

So, here it is.  This is my bedroom.
Right now it is pretty blah. Not horrible, but pretty boring.

I just made the branch/bird mobile sculpture for the At Home in SouthEast Idaho Magazine Challenge.

I have some projects that I'd like to do in this room.

1. Headboard. I need a cute headboard in this room. Right now, it's too basic and too boring. It doesn't have to be traditional, just something to work as a headboard.  I have some ideas.
2. Wall of mirrors.  I love the look of a wall full of mirrors.  It makes the room seem larger, reflects light all over the place, and adds character and interest.  Plus I have some FANTASTIC vintage mirrors I've been saving for *something*. 
3. Bench re-do.  I found an upholstered bench at a yard sale for $5. The lines on it are divine, but the upholstery is not so much.  It just needs a slip-cover.  Again, I have some ideas.
4. New light fixtureDid you check out the ugly globe light? Oh my. Yes, that definately needs to go.
5. Pillows. I know how to sew, and there are so many great ideas out there. I didn't realize how boring my pillows were until I was taking these photos. They are comfy down, however.
6. Pop o' Color. I would like a little bit of color.  That can be changed. You know, when I get sick of it. Maybe with the season or holiday. Like pillows or other accessories.
7. Paint the ugly 80s oak closet doors & get new knobs. Oh, and the baseboards too.

pay no attention to the pile of clothes on the floor, please :)
Bird mobile inspired by dear lillie.
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