Sunday, August 30, 2009

La Musique

Yesterday, I went out junkin' like I do most weekends. I have a head cold, as do my little ones, and didn't feel well, but went out anyway. I'm glad I did for the short time I did because I found this beauty: something you would expect to find at a Paris Flea Market, not a yard sale in Pocatello, Idaho. And you would just die if you knew what a deal it was.
She is aged bronze with a wood base that says "La Musique". I haven't decided what to do with her yet. For now she is on my bedroom dresser. I have an art nouveau mirror that would look really pretty with this. I like to keep things, enjoy their beauty, then when I have had enough of it, put them in the shop. Who knows, she might make an excellent blog giveaway!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Late Night Giggles...

Where Women Create

As many of you know, my shop is located in a hundred-year-old Victorian house. When I first moved in, the house was pretty disastrous. There were weeds everywhere and the inside was painted green and purple with the ugliest 80s linoleum and carpet you've ever seen. I've done some work (although it is never how I want it). I opened up a little tiny entry-way, a first room, a second room, and later another room off to the side. I am currently working on opening a little tiny room which (has a really strange story behind it, I'll tell you about it sometime) to put candles and chandeliers in.

Shabby Scraps pretty little studio: LOVE THE PINK, LOVE THE NATURAL LIGHT

Unfinished in my shop are the kitchen (behind the curtain in the second room), a medium sized bedroom off the kitchen, and the bathroom. The kitchen is pretty gross looking currently. It has ugly, nasty carpet. The paint is dirty, yellowed, and grungy. It is full of junky treasures that I haven't priced yet or am waiting to find the time to paint, fix or work on to get in the shop.

Underneath all of its ugliness, the kitchen is so cool: original beadboard walls up to a chair rail. Original cupboards all the way to the high ceiling. A deep cupboard to store whatever needs to be stored. Original cute enamel sink. Two original wood windows let in a ton of natural light. This room could be really adorable! It is perfect for a studio.

So what's stopping me? Well, the junking is HOT right now. As I have said in previous posts, there's lots to buy and fix. Right now, my buying exceeds my time to price and display. I've decided to (when I can find the help) box up all the stuff in the future "studio" and place stuff in the basement of the store until winter comes and the buying slows down. Then I will have new items for the shop even when there's not as much to buy.

Then, I need to pull up carpet. I'm pretty sure there are wood floors under the carpet. They will probably need to be painted, as well as the entire room, from floor to ceiling. Roy is my wonderful painter, he will probably do that job. Does anyone have ideas for paint colors? How should I paint the floor?

Next, I need some ideas for storage. It would be quick and easy to buy pre-fab bookcases, but old wooden cupboards would be more charming if I can find them. I like the idea of having shelves with metal locker baskets so I can see my materials. And there are the built-in shelves to store items. I have been collecting lots of glass jars with lids to keep buttons, trim, vintage junk jewelry, and other essentials to creating.

Of course, I need a table in the middle of the room. I would like it to be big enough to host small classes (maybe 10 people) and teach altered books, collage, soldered jewelry, and other fun classes. I would love to have guest teachers and different types of classes making crafty things using recycled and vintage materials.

Lately, I have had so many ideas swirling around my head. I go on etsy and blog surf and become so inspired. I NEED my own spot to create.

The current issue of the magazine "Where Women Create" has a lot of great ideas and eye candy to think about. I love the old frames with chicken wire to display snippets of inspiration.

Any ideas for me?? I would love to hear any suggestions, ideas, or advice.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

And the Winner Is...

To choose the winner of Abigail's Blog Giveaway $50 gift certificate, I assigned each person a number, starting from the first to the last (leaving out family members). I went to and had it choose a random number.

The winner is #22 David Sluder! Congratulations!
Please email me for details on how to use the gift certificate.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I will be having more giveaways in the future!

Thanks for your support of Abigail's.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Random Things Today...

I have had no time to blog lately...

A fellow blogger's photo of aqua mason jars and pink roses (forgot who to give credit to: let me know if this is your photo and advance apologies for no credit).

A cool signed print I found at a yardsale recently (keeping for my bedroom, not the shop). It's me, messy hair, barefoot, chunky build, casual dress, and holding a baby in a diaper. Oh yeah, and the had on the hip that suggests (to me) strength and maybe a little attitude, or just plain exhaustion and not wanting to take crap from anyone. This was drawn by a student/friend of Pablo Picasso named Manuel Ruiz-Pipo. Although I was never in Paris in the 70's (ok, wasn't even born) when he drew this, I'm sure it's me.

My Grandma and Grandpa in the 40s (picture stolen from Aunt Amy's blog).

Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cleaning Out My Car...

I had a fun weekend of junking! Despite the fact that I had family in town for the Shoshone Bannock Indian Festival, I snuck out and found some great junk for the shop!

I decided that my car can't be packed with junk (trunk AND front and back seats)forever, so I snapped some shots as I cleaned it out and priced items for the shop.

Hope you enjoy the pics! Hurry in to check out our new stuff on Friday before you miss it.

Rose Queen Sized Quilt, Wire Basket, Vintage Laces
Old Leather Suitcase, Vintage Doilies

Oh yeah...There's lots more I haven't taken pictures of yet.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing?

I've been shopping and shopping to find great stuff for Abigail's. The store has been full, full, full! (Apologies to anyone who has tried to bring a carseated baby and negotiate their way around the shop :) I have great new stuff that I'm pricing and putting out as quickly as I can tag them. Even though the shop has been bursting at the seams, I can't stop finding vintage dressers, mirrors, desks, tables, beds, and adorable vintage decor and accessories.

So, I've been questioning whether I should be continue to buy so much stock when the store is so full. Sometimes I even start to worry that I could become one of those crazy hoarder people who have to clear out paths in their homes through the piles of newspapers and styrofoam meat liners that have been building up for years like this. There's just so much fun stuff to buy lately!

After last weekend in the shop, so much is cleared out! The shop looked relatively bare by the end of business Saturday. Many new customers have been visting weekly to find the best deals and new treasures. A LOT have been bringing their friends in too! I have room to put out a lot of our new items.

This weekend I was out and about and found a cute 40's red enamel top table, a farmhouse chic green and white metal desk, a pair of old farmhouse white chairs, and a cream and gold dresser. I also found a wash bin, lots of shelves, antique quilts and gesso frames, and much more. I can't wait to shift around my displays to fit them all in.

Monday I have 13 hours(!) scheduled with clients and it's my paperwork day, but I will try to take pictures of the new items in the evening after my babies are in bed so you can see what I have going for next weekend.

I have no idea where I am going to put the cute new tables that I found, but after a terrific sales weekend, I have decided that I agree with Mae West that "Too much of a good thing is wonderful."
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