Thursday, May 12, 2011

Memphis County Jail Blues...

I just finished this mixed media canvas and hung it in my bedroom.
It is so good to be out of school :)

This canvas started out as an ugly painting.  I pick them up when I see them for cheap. If I can buy it for $1 or $2 it's cheaper than buying a new canvas. Plus it's recycling.

I used yellowed vintage sheet music, old book pages, ledger paper, and a cancelled 1950s check from the Idaho-Utah Sugar Co. Any ephemera would do, as long as it looks old.

I was going for a theme, so I chose sheet music with songs like "Memphis County Jail Blues" and other related songs. Although it is subtle, and most people probably wouldn't notice, I like adding details like that.

I used Mod Podge with a matte finish to cover the canvas with the vintage ephemera. I did this a few weeks ago.  I printed a bird photo from The Graphics Fairy (you didn't know about the Graphics Fairy??)

Here's where things got a little tricky.
I drew a freehand birdcage with a Sharpie.
I hated it. I was sad. I thought I would have to throw this away. See?
The lines were too dark, too bold, (not to mention shiny) and every flaw stood out in my drawing.
So I set it aside for a couple days, and last night I dreamed about it.
I took a fine grit sandpaper and sanded the Sharpie lines. Because they were drawn on top of Mod Podge, it didn't mess up the paper.  Then, I used acrylic paint and float (mixed a little brown and a little white) and glazed over the whole canvas to give it a faded out look.
I'm in love with it now! It's hanging in my bedroom.

New Stuff Thursday, May 11th 2011

Metal/wire wall pocket $22 painted white 18" long, 9" deep, 11" wide.
Vintage embroidery on 100% linen. $8 slightly yellowed with age, but good condition.

Vintage Owl figurine. $4 Excellent conditon, no chips or cracks. About 5" tall.

Vintage green homestead plate $4. Measures

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