Friday, February 5, 2010

I recently got the following email:
(I LOVE this nursery and wanted to share!)

"Im interested in your two pink dressers, what are the dimensions?? also Im looking for the perfect dresser to put in my future nursery (due in may with a baby girl). My crib is my husbands handmedown that im not totally in love with but looks similar to the one in the pic. I love your blog and am hoping you can help me find a dresser similar to this one for a decent price! I live in (south) idaho so i can easily pick up. please help! thanks S.R."
So, I hope I can find something that fits her dream nursery. I have a few things in mind...
We've also had a bunch of young brides seeking that vintage look.
What are you looking for? Send us a comment or email, maybe we can help!
After a little searching, I can credit the photo to
Follow the link to get instructions on recreating this beautiful room!


  1. looking for a farmhouse table! preferably white and no bigger than 36" W. do you have anything like that?

  2. Love the nursery!That's it I have to get to your shop's been to long!

  3. On the vintage bride side of things......just an idea
    she makes veils, and belts, and stuff

  4. TWC: I have a really cute drop leaf table in the shop that is that farmhouse style. It's got a drawer with a big old glass knob (original yellowed). I also have a really rough chippy farmhouse table that is really weathered and a little wobbly, but very cute and only $38.

    Michelle: Hope I see you sometime soon!

    Parkers: I love those veils and other bride things, very reminiscent of a 1920s flapper!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!

  5. Melissa,
    You have such great treasures, wish I lived closer so I could shop. Love the tutu's and knitted caps for girls. About the nursery picture. I had so much fun planning & preparing for my kids nursery. My mother & I made all of the curtains, bedding, everything. And we had 3 cribs to do! The french provincial dresser in that photo is darling. Hope she finds everything she's looking for. Lisa


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