Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Proud, excited, and a teensy bit jealous...

My sister just opened a candy store!
If you are ever in Tooele, Utah, you have to stop in and check it out.

I'm proud of her because she did it on a budget and didn't go into a huge amount of debt, but it looks absolutely amazing! I'm excited because I haven't seen the final open shop yet! And I'm a teensy bit jealous because.....do you have to ask? Geez, it's a candy store! What could be better? She also has a space where she will be hosting birthday parties and other special events.
She's offering Candy Buffets for weddings and other special occasions.


  1. melissa~
    so going to have to tell my sil about the candy store..she lives in tooele...sigh...i just might have to take a special trip!!
    good luck on the giveaway over at dionne's!


  2. Congratualations to her....her store looks adorable too.
    :o) Sue


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