Friday, August 6, 2010

Cowgirl Glitter Camp!

So, I've been thinking.

Being a mom can be hard.
Sometimes, even the most patient mothers (not me, per se, but I'm sure you know some) need a break.

This week was challenging.
Jonathan is going through a special toddler stage.

Last week he learned to climb on top of the stove and get into shelves, where he found bottles of spices and would pour them out. He did it every day for a week (ok, his mother is a slow learner) with garlic salt, lemon pepper, seasoning salt, black pepper, salt and my navy blue RIT Dye. Beginning this week he must have gotten tired of the climbing and pouring routine.
Instead he became fascinated with taking his pants and diaper off.
Monday, he peed on my floors seven times. Oh, the Clorox wipes I went through.

By Tuesday, I'd had it.
I called my friend.

I need a break, what can we do?

We usually get together and get crafty. Getting crafty really has a way of helping me let off some steam. We create, we chat, we laugh, we get loud and obnoxious. We forget about RIT dye and Clorox wipes.

Usually, I have a hard time getting my crafty act together when I'm on the verge of a Mommy meltdown.
I gathered a basket full of STUFF and brought it over.
She had scissors, glue, and other supplies.

We worked on an altered book for her sister, taking turns doing pages..
The later it got, the more creative and fun it became.

Since I opened Abigail's at this location, I've wanted to offer creative classes.

So here I am.
Cowgirl Glitter Camp.

The first class will be:

Altered Books 101
September 10th 8:30 pm-?
Location TBA
Cost $10

*Learn all the basics of creating an Altered Book to keep, or more fun, to give away.
Oh my goodness, these are fun for gifts!
*Price of the class includes refreshments and instruction.

*Bring your own antique/vintage book to alter or I have a selection you can purchase from $3.
*Bring any old photos, ribbons, trim, ephemera, scrapbook papers, junk, paper scraps, whatever!
*Materials like vintage photos, buttons, etc will also be available for purchase (and a freebie bin).

I will continue once a month, on the second Friday of the month, to have a group.
Altered Book Group/Swap
2nd Fridays 8:30 pm-?
Cost $5

Bring your book-in-progress and learn new techniques, swap ideas, get away, create, giggle.
Create a layout in someone else's book & let them create in yours.

Price includes refreshments, instruction, and materials to learn 3 new techniques.
If all goes well, people like it, and everyone has fun, I will add more fun classes.

Class size will be limited, so stop by the shop, email me at or leave a comment to sign up.

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