Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1926 Fancy Laundry Bag Lady

The doll stamp I bought yesterday reminded me of one of my summer junkin' finds that has been stashed in my pile of things to do. The idea is pretty much the same. Embroidered face, sewn clothes. Only this cute little vintage kit (it was made in 1926) becomes a laundry bag. The kit even included hair! It was half finished when I found her.
Some of my ideas for this kit:
High resolution scan the image on the front to make cupcake toppers, use for cards, altered art, or other projects.
Wouldn't she be cute atop a pink frosted cupcake??
Sorry my pictures are so blurry! It was the best I could do today.


  1. What a neat find. I have never seen anything like this. Are you going to finish it???:)

  2. Hi Melissa,
    So cute! And don't worry about the blurry pics. That's what we love about blogging. You should see some of my earlier posts. The script does not match up to photos. TeeHee. We are all learning as we go along!

    Second Hand Chicks


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