Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Has Pottery Barn been spying on us again?

Pottery Barn's website says the "New thing for Spring" is FARMHOUSE STYLE!

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Well, sorry Pottery Barn, but at Abigail's we've known this all along.
We already have a great selection of birdhouses and birdcages, galvanized metal buckets, adorable chicken feeders, rusty elements, cream ceramic vases (ok, we had a better selection before a certain lovely lady came and bought us out, BUT we'll get more), eggs and nests, watering cans, vintage farmhouse wire baskets, antique blue tinted canning jars, chalkboards with cream vintage frames, galvanized milk pails and other fabulous farmhouse finds!
And since we are real people with real budgets, our prices make them realistic for your home too.
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