Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Door is FIXED, Gourmet Hot Chocolate Recipe, and 51 Followers!! *doing a happy dance*

Our old door is fixed!
The handy fellas at Scott's Lock and Key created a new spring for our old door so I could avoid having a horribly ugly (ok, perhaps I exaggerate a teensy bit) new wrap and door knob installed. Then, I installed it myself in a matter of minutes!
The Gourmet White Hot Chocolate was a HIT! Everyone loved it yesterday (we will have more today) and wanted the recipe. You know I've never been one to hold out you guys, I'm sharing the recipe below.
If you didn't get in to try it, come in today, it is sooo good! (pay no attention to the heavy cream in the recipe, you know calories between now and New Years don't count).
White Hot Spiced Chocolate with Cinnamon Whipped Cream
1 1/2 cups white chocolate chips
8 cups warm milk
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1. Double boil white chocolate until melted and smooth. (I used the microwave.)
2. Add warm milk to crockpot & gradually whisk in chocolate until incorporated. Add spices; cover and cook on high until hot and steaming (do not boil), about 2 hours.
3. Turn heat to low to keep warm for serving.
4. Garnish: Cinnamon Whipped Cream (recipe below), shaved white choclate, sprig of mint & pinch of orange
Cinnamon Whipped Cream:
2 cup(s) heavy cream, cold
3/4 cup(s) confectioners’ sugar1 teaspoon(s) ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon(s) vanilla extractIn a large bowl, using a mixer set on medium-high speed, beat the cream, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla until stiff peaks form. Do not overbeat.
And last, but not least, we have 51 FOLLOWERS! I will be putting together a giveaway tonight and tomorrow and will post about it by tomorrow night. I'm thinking, since it is such a great occasion, I might pick 2 or 3 winners. We'll see what I can come up with.
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