Friday, February 12, 2010

Introducing: Six Degrees of Separation Sunday

I love to blog surf.
You know you do it too...

I go check out an interesting looking post, then click a link, then click another until I'm a million miles away.
Often, I'll find yet another great blog I've never seen before and become a follower.

So I thought it would be fun to record my travels through the blogiverse.
Here are my rules: I'll start with a blog I already follow.
After reading a bit, I'll click on a link from that blog.
Then, I'll read some more, then find a link on that blog.
etc. etc. etc.
You get the picture, I'll do it so I can find new blogs to tell about, then post it.
Oh. And I'll leave a comment telling them I posted about them on my blog.
I would love to have you join me!
If you would like to participate, I'll place your link on my sidebar.
Just mention Six Degrees Sunday and link back to me if you can.

So here goes on my first try:
1. I started with the fabulous 52 Flea, because she had the most recent post of the blogs I follow.

2. I clicked and got lucky to find Cheryl Kuhn's Small Stories Studio and my heart skipped a beat.
Oh my goodness, this mixed media artist uses the perfect blend of grunge and old photos:

How did I not know about this blog before? Did you?
why didn't you tell me?

3. I clicked on Roses, Radishes and Rubbish because I liked the sound of it.
Another mixed media artist: Amy Dabbs!
Her little dolls are amazing.
From there I clicked on
4. Cori Dantini Makes because the picture caught my eye.
Wow, She is an illustrator! I'm glad I stopped here.

5. I clicked on Pink Pig Cottage Antiques because I loved the name!
What a fun blog! I especially love their banner.
Oh yeah, I'm definitely following this blog, I like to see what other shops are up to.

6. From there I clicked on "Cottage Charm and Family Inspiration" and found this great tutorial for making these fabric hearts:
See? Wasn't that fun? Hope you decide to try it too!
All photos are credited to their respective blogs.
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