Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vintage Farmhouse Style and Old House Creepiness

On my last buying trip, I had just posted about Pottery Barn's new catalog.
Everything farmhouse seemed to pop out at me!

These are some photos of the displays I have done in the shop with some of these items.
(They are selling quickly, displays always evolving.)

I'm just loving all of these muted tones, galvanized metal, burlap, rust, cream ironstone, and chippy paint.
I wanted to show you these displays before they are all gone!

When I first moved my shop into this old building, this room was a closet.
I don't have any before shots, but I wish I did. There were ugly shelves and a false ceiling. My friend (the amazing and talented Danny Hansen) helped me remove the false ceiling. He was coughing from all the dust, but when the dust cleared and we went back in the room, we noticed something kinda cool and a little creepy.

This room has very high ceilings (once the false ceiling was gone). The wallpaper goes all the way up and is likely original to the house which was built around the turn of the century. It also has an amazing art nouveau style border.
But on the wallpaper, there are children's drawings. It would appear that long ago, a child climbed up above the false ceiling (there was a small opening) and made it their hideaway and drew on the walls.

I kept the wallpaper and drawings on the wall.

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