Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thrifty Adventures...

The news said it's going to be below zero tonight. When it's this cold, I usually like to stay home and bake or read or sew (oh yeah, or blog surf): anything except going out in the cold, for sure.
But I had errands to get done today. And luckily, my business took me near my favorite thrift shops  : )
I found this fabulous vintage 40s barkcloth curtain. Aren't the colors perfect?
And while I usually consider it bad form to share prices, I have to brag about this one:
I'm seeing visions of vintage handbags dance in my head. Oh, I moved my sewing machine to my shop, but need another at home!
This is another little vintage curtain valance. The aqua and brown flowers are flocked! I can just imagine this ruffle deconstructed and added as an embellishment to one of my vintage slip dresses.
Don't even look at the next picture if you're the jealous type....

I know. I told you not to look.
Then I found these three vintage beauties. The pink stork is going in my Etsy shop later today. The two aqua vases are for a photo shoot and *might* be seen in my next column, then listed on Etsy or put on the shelf at Abigail's.
I also found this church birdhouse with a rusty metal roof. It's newer, but was in the 75% off Christmas section and ended up costing $.63. Maybe I'll paint it.

And last, but not least, I found a 100% wool cableknit vest on the sale rack. I buy wool sweaters to felt and sew little fun projects with.

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