Friday, February 25, 2011

Tyler Candles have ARRIVED!

When we had the first shop over on Main Street, customers loved our Tyler Candles.
We have so many people that request them, we have brought them back!
Fragrances include:

High Maintenance
 High Maintenance is one of Tyler's most popular fragrances.  It is a floral, woody blend of patchouli and vanilla with a heavy musk undertone!!
(Color: Khaki)

Pineapple Crush
Pineapple is an exciting fragrance of fresh sweet pineapple! A fresh, mouthwatering fragrance.
(Color: Pineapple)

Diva is a delicious combination of fruits and rich florals. Aromatic chocolate and amber complete the luscious scent. 
(Color: Ecru)

Dolce Vita
Full-bodied Tea and bergamot create an enticing fragrance, while Saboc jasmine, orchid, freesia and patchouli combine to create the power to make anything seem possible.

(Color: Off-White)

Fleur de Lis
Tart pomegranates are at the heart of this amazing fragrance.  The Fleur De Lis scent lets you experience the sun-kissed feel of distant lands!
(Color: Off-White)

French Market
Tyler Candle's French Market fragrance is a fresh combination of florals with hints of gardenia and tuberose. Very unique!!
(Color: Cream)

Icon is an invigorating, fresh fragrance that is also spicy, sporty and unforgettable! With notes of sandalwood, ambergris, violet leaves, French verbena and Florentine iris, Icon offers a truly uniqe sensory experience!
(Color: Pale Gold)

Ira Jean
This captivating fragrance is a bouqet of Jasmine, Rose, Musk and Sandalwood!  This amazing fragrance is then topped with a fruity blend of Pineapple, Raspberry and Peach.
(Color: Soft Aster)

Kathina is a beautiful fragrance of sensual lily of the valley combined with citrus and rose.
(Color: Ruby Red)

Limelight is a very popular fragrance. It is a clean, fresh blend of pure mandarin oranges with a surprising touch of lime. A hint of rich vanilla bean oil gives this fragrance a very unique twist.
(Color: Chartreuse)

Mediterranean Fig
The Mediterranean Fig scent is a warm fragrance of sun baked Italian figs mixed with a hint of sandalwood and musk.
(Color: Blush)

Orange Vanilla
The Orange Vanilla fragrance is one that can be enjoyed year round.  The Orange Vanilla scent is a clean fragrance of pure orange and rich vanilla with just a hint of spice.
(Color: Golden Yellow)

TwentyFourSevenGlam is a soul soothing fragrance of voloptuous vetiver, vanilla and heliotrope blended with violet and jasmine. The fragrance finishes with mandarin, succulent peaches and green ivy!
(Color: Apollo Gold)
Bursting with the medley of currant & grapefruit. A dash of green undertones adds an opulent twist! Firmly grounded with confidence!
(Color: Camilla Sage)

Delectable Black Currant & fresh Bergamot begin this amazing fragrance! Dramatic Middle notes of tempting Florals and rich Fruit Accords are deppened with intoxicating Lotus Wood! Enrich your world & Elevate up!
(Color: Roman Gold)

Warm Sugar Cookie

Rich sugar cookies baking in the oven with zero fat grams!!!
(Color: Tan)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Queenly Antique Iron Beds

Antique iron beds add tons of character to a shabby/farmhouse/vintage bedroom,

sometimes they can just be a pain.
Usually, people come into the shop and want Queen size, but the problem is, they didn't make Queen size beds when most of the cool, ornate iron beds were produced.

Luckily, I know a handsome welder who was willing to design an adaptive bed-rail to turn my antique full size iron bed into a queen.

I talked him into making them available to my customers :)
The introductory price for custom made queen size bed-rails is $75
So if you have a full size antique bed (even if it has no rails at all), these rails will adapt it to a queen size (it also has a middle support bar).
Full size rails are $50
*please note, all rails are made by a professional welder and guaranteed
*headboard and footboard are not re-sized, just the rails, which looks great most of the time

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vintage Valentines

Who doesn't LOVE vintage valentines?
Here are some royalty-free Valentine images to play with:
Other great Valentine images like this one can be found at:
(mostly Victorian style images...)
Lots of 30's, 40's, and 50's Valentines like this one:
can be found at Hearts Atwirl
To download images, click on the image for a larger size.
Right click on image, then choose "Save as", pick a name, then save!

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