Monday, February 22, 2010


Wow, I just noticed that we have 100 followers!
I have had giveaways before, but they have mostly been gift certificates and such for people who shop at my brick and mortar shop.

I'm going to plan a giveaway (will post tomorrow or Wednesday) that will include all of the followers who might not be able to shop at Abigail's.

Thanks everyone for your support, kind words, and friendship!


  1. Congrats!!!! I personally get excited when I get new followers. Its means people actually like that I post......something I am always nervous about.

  2. Congrats girl! I've been one of them for awhile now. I'll be back for that giveaway. I think I will do a tutorial on the resin charms, a lot of people asked. Lisa

  3. Hi Melissa - I won your giveaway a few weeks (months?) ago, the $25 gift cert to your store. I suppose I should come by and pick it up? Let me know....I may or may have been saving it up for my birthday :0)

  4. Sarah: I know, I obsess over it way too much, in fact, my sister read this post and teased me that she was going to remove herself so I'd only have 99 again!

    Lisa: can't wait for the TUTORIAL, you're the best!

    Melinda, come in the shop and find something fun! Or if you want to give it as a gift, let me know and I'll print you something out.


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