Sunday, August 30, 2009

La Musique

Yesterday, I went out junkin' like I do most weekends. I have a head cold, as do my little ones, and didn't feel well, but went out anyway. I'm glad I did for the short time I did because I found this beauty: something you would expect to find at a Paris Flea Market, not a yard sale in Pocatello, Idaho. And you would just die if you knew what a deal it was.
She is aged bronze with a wood base that says "La Musique". I haven't decided what to do with her yet. For now she is on my bedroom dresser. I have an art nouveau mirror that would look really pretty with this. I like to keep things, enjoy their beauty, then when I have had enough of it, put them in the shop. Who knows, she might make an excellent blog giveaway!


  1. That is a cool fine! Im glad you were able to go junkin even if you were not feeling well..Im sure your glad you did too!

  2. super wonderful find!! thank you so much for visiting my blog...i'm so happy to have found you:) xox...jenn


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