Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gosh, golly, geez this is seriously funny...

I'm always on the hunt for vintage items, some I sell in the shop and some I deconstruct, repurpose, or collage into something else.  I buy a lot of old books, and found one at a thrift shop in a small town close to where I live in Idaho.  It had yellowed pages, perfect to deconstruct and use for projects.  I was looking through the pages, and curiously, I found that throughout the book, certain words had been blotted out with White-Out.  It seemed like a young adults book from the 40's, I wondered which words could have been so naughty that someone had taken the time to go thorough the book and white-out every one.  I used my fingernail to scrape off some of the words: Gosh, gee, geez, and golly were all on the list of unacceptable.

I just laughed and thought of the small town with conservative values and pictured the previous owner of the book (or perhaps a well-meaning parent of the owner). Have any of you junkers ever encountered anything like this??


  1. I just found your blog from a search for dyed vintage slips and read this post. When I was young, about 8, I was visiting my grandmother who was super religious. I and my cousins were playing outside while in her care and I said "gosh". She yanked me up and shut me in her bedroom while I had to read the Sunday School lesson book. True story! She said "gosh" was a form of the word God and I was taking his name in vain. bad me. So gosh, I went from dyed vintage slips to this story. lol!

  2. Funny, isn't it?? I grew up in the Mormon church and was 18 when I was drinking a Dr. Pepper and my mom came home and dumped it out on the ground and told me I knew better than to drink caffeine.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog and sharing your story! I didn't know if anyone would "get" this post :)


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