Monday, January 2, 2012

today I took down my tree

this year, my tree didn't stay decorated.
My little E and J spent weeks deconstructing the decorated tree
breaking ornaments, losing pieces, and adding their own

taking it down today made me think...

about new starts, decisions, and the future.

I've been hanging on to the past, using the same ornaments every year, even though I've changed.

losing control helped me let go
of things I didn't love
but thought I had to hold on to
and decide which things I really love: it forced me to choose

today, I kept what I really love, threw out what was tired, and created a new start.

I bought this lovely a few years ago, after Christmas sale at Joann's.  She still makes my heart sing :)

I wasn't going to do any resolutions, but taking down the tree got me thinking.

In 2012 I will...
have fun
be bold
be me
rock the boat
be grateful
have a voice


  1. And I am here to cheer for you, egg you on, laugh mercilessness, and raise my eyebrows when I can't think of what I should say! You go girl!

  2. Rock the Boat!! 2012 will be a great year!

  3. This is so very cute and amazing. You share best Photos. I like this post so much.

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