Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vintage Glider

I'm so pleased with how this turned out, I just have to share :)

I have had this old glider sitting on the porch at Abigail's all summer. I found it at an estate sale a while ago, and have been using it for summer days on the porch.

Yesterday, I decided to paint it. I didn't have many good colors in my paint stash, so I made my own color.  I had a pretty ugly light moss green.  You know, the color that was hot about 10 years ago, but now, not so much.  I also found a really painfully bright turquoise.  I mixed the two....using the lighter green as a base, and added the turquoise a bit at a time.

  At first, it looked a little brown....I kept adding and it turned out so pretty.

The pictures don't capture the color as well as I had hoped, it is gorgeous in person.
Check out a sneek peek of a new project I'm working on here.


  1. I like your glider. I have one too, a friend helped me get the rust off and we used an airgun for painting cars to respray it. I covered it with quilts and cushions and used it as a sofa in my family room for 3 years. Now we live on a farm it has an outside home with a few of our meadow.

  2. I love this so much. I bought a retro style glider from Lowes because I loved this look. This one puts mine to shame. This is my first visit!

  3. How many times have I driven past and thought, "I wonder if she is selling that?" So cute and I bet the new color is lovely!


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