Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trailer Trash...

Some regular customers of mine belong to Sisters on the Fly.

I've read about the Sisters in Mary Jane's Farm magazine, on their website, and other blogs.

I've been wanting a vintage trailer for so long. I have lusted and hunted and finally, one practically fell into my lap.

I love her.

So, I'm thinking she needs a name. I need some ideas...


  1. Betty Sue won't you please come home.
    I just meant to put Betty Sue, but since it's a trailer I figured the "won't you please come home would fit too...silly, I know.

  2. Mahana...based on a really lame film starring an unattractive female. Also the name used by my room mates car. Mahana, you ugly...seen the movie? Not that your trailer is ugly....

  3. Umm...I truly enjoy this! HOW CUTE!! I can just imagine the fun your going to have decorating & such! JEALOUS!! Names...I would go with possibly, Stella. :]

  4. "The Happy Abby" Happy Sale-Ing

    Tin Can Alley Mayfair


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