Friday, February 11, 2011

Queenly Antique Iron Beds

Antique iron beds add tons of character to a shabby/farmhouse/vintage bedroom,

sometimes they can just be a pain.
Usually, people come into the shop and want Queen size, but the problem is, they didn't make Queen size beds when most of the cool, ornate iron beds were produced.

Luckily, I know a handsome welder who was willing to design an adaptive bed-rail to turn my antique full size iron bed into a queen.

I talked him into making them available to my customers :)
The introductory price for custom made queen size bed-rails is $75
So if you have a full size antique bed (even if it has no rails at all), these rails will adapt it to a queen size (it also has a middle support bar).
Full size rails are $50
*please note, all rails are made by a professional welder and guaranteed
*headboard and footboard are not re-sized, just the rails, which looks great most of the time


  1. What a great idea! Do you service Salt Lake City?! I will keep this idea in mind for futre design projects....

  2. Thanks Christina. I stopped by your blog and wanted to say Congrats on your work with Apartment Therapy! I would love to service Salt Lake City, I travel down on occasion and could coordinate my schedule with a little bit of notice. If you know of anyone else who needs adaptive bed rails, I would greatly appreciate referrals, also.

  3. Are these bed rails still available? I have a full iron bed that I need to convert to a queen, and has the "drop pin" mechanism for the rails. Does your "adaptive bed-rail" work for this kind of bed?
    Thanks, Alex.

    1. Hi Alex! I didn't get your comment until now. Are you still looking?? These work perfectly for the drop pin beds. What we make is a new drop pin rail that accommodates a queen sized mattress.

  4. You have some beautiful furniture...just beautiful!
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