Sunday, September 5, 2010

Show me your collections!

Rebecca Pyper, editor of At Home magazine for the Idaho State Journal asked me to write a regular column for the magazine.

Of course, I was flattered and said yes!

My first column came out in the online edition a couple days ago.
It should be out in the printed magazine September 26th.

So, I was thinking...there are so many great things to write about.
What do you collect?


  1. How exciting for you, Congrats!
    I love that you have the buttons, it reminds me of a dear friend that collected buttons, among other things. He was known for a long time as the button man. He's since passed but has a collection of 2 1/2 large tubs full of buttons...
    I have collected a few things and still do...I love books...I have a collection of turtles, my most favorite is a merschaum turtle very intricantly carved.
    Cake tins,from the 30's -60's...

  2. I collect little dolls,music boxes,and dollhouse miniatures. :o)
    Have fun with your new writing venture!


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