Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hi there...

Hi there...
Do you ever find something that speaks to your soul and you just had to share it with everyone?

Yesterday, Country Living Magazine posted on Facebook about this little Victorian Cottage.

Go take a look, I'm in love...
I can imagine escaping for a little bit, with a delicious book and a cold lemonade.

Lauri Grimshaw-Cox of Epiphanies of an Art Girl posted this video as a celebration of her birthday.
It gave me goosebumps and I had to pass it on....

What makes your heart sing?
P.S. Thanks to everyone who visited my shop today. I really appreciate the support of my business.


  1. What a beautiful place to escape to!

  2. No joke this is my favorite song of all time and I listen to it ALL the time. I am trying to learn it on the guitar. Isn't it wonderful. It's going to be my girls and I theme song. Have a great day! It was good seeing you the other day. Sorry we havn't stopped by...I know if I do I'll spend tons..and that I just simply can't do right now. Thanks, Rinda

  3. Rinda, it was great see you too...I'm so jealous that you play the guitar. I had lessons a loooong time ago and learned to play "Down in the Valley". I believe it has 2 different chords and it sounded like this when I played it: "down in the vaaaaaleeeey, the valley so...............................loooww" I didn't stick with it. I do love to play around on the piano when I can. So did you decide to move to Paris?

  4. Hey Melissa...sorry I just now saw that you wrote to me. Paris...I wish...just knowing somewhere would be nice. Today I experienced something I've never experienced before. I just started laughing, hysterically, for no aparent reason. Then the laughter turned to this awful crying and then back to laughing. It was quite ridiculous. I tell you this because I think I'm starting to stress...just a body is trying to tell me something. Greg quits his job in August. And who knows what we are going to do. I'm starting to dream of a family of four on the street corner, with cardboard, yes lots of cardboard. But at the same time, I do know it'll all work out.'ll all work out. oh, I could play my guitar too, hopefully I'll get some pity change. ps. I really don't play well, but I try. Rinda


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