Sunday, June 6, 2010

Airstream Envy

My sister sent me a Craigslist link...

"This is a 1959 Airstream is 27 feet long and the tires are not cracked, but they are kind of old. Here are the pics of the inside of my Airstream. It is about 95% original and I have the majority of the original curtains too. I purchased it from the original owner. He took great care of it. About 10 years ago or so.... the fridge stopped working and a couple of other things so they replaced the fridge, heater, water heater and the did some work on the plumbing. $4500"

Then I ran across these pictures on Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market's Facebook page

This is Miranda Lambert's airstream that was decorated by The Junk Gypsy!
Click to see more pictures.

Someday....a girl can dream, can't she?


  1. Hey....I know where there is an airstream for sale!!! In Rupert on the way we go to take the boys back home!!! It would be really fun....So, did you go do the Farm Chicks show?

  2. I can't buy an airstream now, I'm getting ready to start grad school in August and that has put a damper on my frivolous trailer-buying plans for now. I was just dreaming. And, no, I didn't get to go to Farm Chicks because of my back issues. (Sewing-machine-related injury, you know). Next year, hopefully :D

  3. I've been trying to convince my husband to buy an Airstream. I'd love to just park it the back by coop and use it for naps!

    Second Hand Chicks

  4. melissa we were looking for you at farm chicks. You would have done so well! It was such a blast! Worth the 10 hour drive from Twin Falls! Hope to have a Airstream to take with us next year. We are in the market for one...

  5. These airstreams are awesome! My teen daughter is dreaming of a little teardrop number for someday.....

    Love your blog!


  6. So glad you like the pics! We took them while we were in Texas. Very cute blog. We will be bringing my vintage trailer down to Poky alot. My son plays football for ISU. She will be sitting pretty in the parking lot tailgating. You should join us! Are there any good spots to camp in Pocatello?
    Funky Junk Sister #2

  7. Luuuuucccckkkkkeeeeee !!
    You are gonna have so much fun with that.
    Awhile back in Country Living mag. there was an article about the small little campers fixed up in the cowgirl themes. About 5 women travel around with them.
    I have also seen on the travel channel? info on vintage rv's very interesting.

    Nice blog, nice slip dresses, I have a friend who sews hankies into tops and dresses as well.


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