Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Phone Call...

I got a fun phone call tonight.

It seems that my slip dresses were noticed at the Oh Sweet Sadie Show.
Lauri Grimshaw-Cox of Epiphanies of an Art Girl had nothing but lovely things to say about my work, she said she's been trying to track me down since the show. (I guess my business cards weren't the most effective because they didn't match my merchandise tags, oopsie.)

She's pictured on her blog "Get Your Sexy Back" wearing one of my slip dresses.

She's going to be featured in e'Lan Woman Magazine July/August 2010 issue wearing the dress :)
I guess it's kind of exciting for a girl who sews at her kitchen table with messy hair and her babies running around like wild...well.........children.

Laurie is also the Creative Director for Be Inspired Shop in Sandy, Utah.
It seems they are interested in carrying my slip dresses. I'm excited to explore this possibility!

Oh, coming in the next week or so, this adorable lady will be taking pictures of this adorable lady modeling my slip dresses! I can't wait...and they said I can help direct the photo shoot :D
i can't even think of anyone more gorgeous to model my work


  1. Very exciting news ! Congratualations!

  2. This dress is awesome. How exciting for you!


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