Sunday, April 18, 2010

Slipcover Project Before and After

I found this little tiny sturdy rocking chair last summer while I was junkin.'

It has good bones and my kids love it, it is the perfect size for tiny kids. But the upholstery is old and stained (Ok, I admit, my kids added some of the stains because they LOVE this tiny chair.)

Debbie worked her magic and brought in the finished project yesterday.
I can't wait for her to start the next project!


  1. Melissa,
    This Debbie is amazing. I still look at that old post you did showing her sofa slipcover. Wish she could do some for me. I got your swap box & LOVED it! Every little bit. I'm posting about it this week, as soon as I get Heather's. Did you get yours from me?? Did you like it? I strayed from the theme a little. Lisa

  2. I love this little chair with the slipcover.


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