Sunday, December 20, 2009

Abigail's Blog Giveaway!

I typed this up last night, but my computer gave out on me...
I promised that when we got our 50th follower, I would have a giveaway, so here it is!

First Prize is a $25 gift certificate to Abigail's!

2nd prize is a cute Heart/Wings necklace from our new jewelry section (here).

The rules are a little different this time, so make sure you check them out below.

To play along and have a chance to win you have to do the following:

There are 6 ways to enter:

1. You get one entry for leaving a comment.

2. If you are a follower, that's a second entry, if you're not, become one!

3. Mention our giveaway and give the link on your own blog.

4. Share about this giveaway on Facebook.

5. Become a fan of Abigail's on Facebook.

6. You can also get another entry by stopping in the store on Wednesday, our special Last Minute Christmas shopping day!

So each person can enter up to 6 times! Make sure you tell us in your comment(s) how you entered, so we can keep track! You can comment until 11:59pm December 23rd (Wednesday night). The winner will be randomly chosen the next day!

P.S. Make sure I can contact you in case you´re the lucky winner - if you´re not commenting as a blogger leave your e-mail address.


  1. Oooooh, goodie! I love giveaways! Okay, here's the rundown...
    1. I'm leaving a comment = 1 entry
    2. I'm a follower of your blog = 1 entry
    3. I would LOVE to link to your blog but I don't have a blog. Sad face.
    4. I'm sharing about this giveaway on my FB page = 1 entry
    5. I'm already a fan of Abigail's on FB = 1 entry
    6. I have to work on Wednesday, but maybe I'll have time to enter at lunch?

    So, the tally right now is 4 entries! Yay for me!

    Thanks Melissa,


  2. I love your stuff!!! Super cute!!
    I'm also a follower both on my blog and on FB and am going to share with the fb world of your wonderfulness. Super excited!!

  3. Howdy Melissa...I don't know if I qualify or not for the giveaway (such ethical dilemmas in life!), but I wanted to say Hullo anyway. If I DO get to be entered in the drawing (isn't that, in a roundabout way, how I started helping???), you'll need to know the run-down:

    ~Leaving a comment.
    ~Follow the blog.
    ~Added a FB shout out to the giveaway.
    ~Am an Abigail's FB fan

    4/6...not too bad!

    Your sweeping Glitter Fairy (who forgot her magical yellow necklace), Jessica

  4. Hey, I came in on Wed., but the girl working didn't say anything about another entry in the contest!!!!


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