Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Displays at the Shop

Another slip for my etsy shop.

New display at the shop.

Beginnings of a Halloween display at the shop.


  1. I love the slip - its aqua, my favorite color! Your displays look great - I really like that ticking that is covering the bench in the first photo. (Before you know it you will be decorating for Christams - yikes!!!!)

  2. Thanks Sarah.

    Oh, I always buy old feather pillows to use the ticking fabric.
    I cut it up and covered that bench.
    My displays are so frustrating. As soon as I get anything half way put together, the big piece of furniture sells underneath. I really need to hire some help.

    I've been collecting silver Christmas trees and pink, silver, and aqua vintage ornaments all summer. I can't wait to decorate with them!

  3. http://jenniferswriting.blogspot.com/
    I left you that link so you could see her 19th Century baby post. I thought you would enjoy it.

    Your shop is cute as ever.


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