Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sister's Adventure

On Wednesday this week, I went to SLC. I went to Dear Lizzie in Highland, Utah like planned, but invited my sister, Aimee who is expecting a baby any day now.

The shop was amazing. There was so much to look at, we had to walk around three or four times. I would highly recommend a visit to anyone who loves girly girl stuff and pink!

They have a little bistro with lunch items (sandwiches), cupcakes, chocolate, and more. We ate lunch and laughed and did some sister bonding.

We met the owner, Laura. She gave me her e-mail address because may be interested in some items I have in the shop. By the way she was super friendly and personable.

Lunch was really yummy. I found a really cute, over-the-top apron to wear in Abigail's when I'm working. I will have to share pictures when I get some.

P.S. Aimee had her own pregnant point of view of the day. Check it out at


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  1. What a special day with your sister. That shop does look wonderful! Im sure you got plenty of ideas tucked away for your shop! Im so glad you were able to meet the owner too!


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